Who Am I

Mission statement: Make the greatest possible positive social impact using data science. I believe in helping others around you propser, whether through working a socially benefical career, writing free data science articles to educate others, or volunteering in one’s community. We all have choices to make, and I’ve decided to devote my career to trying to improve human sustainability, which I think can be done most effectively as a data scientist working in the energy sector.



  • Lead data scientist at Cortex Building Intelligence in New York City
  • Building tools to help commercial office buildings operate more energy efficiently
  • Developed and deployed end-to-end machine learning pipelines currently running in production


  • Lead data scientist at Feature Labs, working on automated feature engineering
  • Solved custom data science problems


  • Former member of the EDIFES research team at Case Western Reserve University developing a data science platform for virtual energy audits


  • Avid data science advocate and communicator on Towards Data Science
  • 100,000 monthly readers (25,000 subscribers)
  • Articles are always free because I believe in allowing everyone equal access to information!


Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, August 2014-May 2018

  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
  • Minor in Applied Data Science

Georgia Tech Expected Graduation: May 2022

  • Masters of Science in Computer Science (Online)


  • Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree
  • Data Analyst Nanodegree


  • Deep Learning Specialization
  • Machine Learning Specialization

More Information

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Contact me

If you have a data science question or would like to dicuss anything data science related I’m responsive on Twitter or directly at wjk68@case.edu. If you do contact me, please remember I’m doing this on a volunteer basis.

Live Code

Most about pages are pretty dull. To mix things up, I’ve included a live Python editor where you can edit and run code. Thanks to repl.it for making this possible.