Scattergories Junior (Rules & Printables)

Scattergories Junior ‘s version of the parent game is condensed and shortened. A master list of topics is given to players and then the letter “key” is rolled out to determine the twenty-sided die with letters on both sides. Players have a limited time to think about unique words which begin with the letter and relate to the subject. Players may still earn some points for words not beginning with a letter on the subject. The players are given points of original terms (which is somewhat different from the original game, as simplification for smaller children). Two rounds of the game. A game for ages 8-11 is declared by the player.

Junior Rules Scattergories: How do you play Junior Scattergories?

Junior Scattergories is a game that you played for a certain group to see what object names are there. The trick is to begin with the same main word. Scattergories Junior rules state that a two-round game involves and you get the answers nobody else writes down.

The roll of the 20-sided die decides the letter everyone uses for the round. Also included in the die is a Wild Star STAR. When the star arrives the person who rolls can pick any letter they want for the game.

This game is planned for 2 to 4 players aged between 8 and 11. Adults like this game too, however.

In the Position
Twelve category cards, a 20-sided die, a board used for the roll-up, two answering pads, a timer and four pencils, clips and folders are included in the pack. Simply bring the files together to get ready to play.

We ‘re going to practice
Players take a crayon and directory inserted in the folder with the same “List #” You begin by rolling the die with one player. The rolled letter is the key letter in the first round. When the star comes out, the “die-roller” calls the symbol or “Wild Star” and selects a round symbol. After that, turn upside down the timer and everyone begins to fill out the first part of the answer sheet in their folder.

REMEMBER: A word which starts with the die letter must be written and linked to the list group.

ALTERNATE ANSWERS: The official Junior Scattergories rules require you to enter a word for the topic of the list which will start with something different from the main letter, if nothing else is to be considered. However, you won’t earn the same amount of points so you will want to see if anyone is going to vote in advance as a party.

STOP: Everyone stops when the timer is running out. You can agree as a group to change the timeout for one more time if you all need additional time.

Everyone reads the list they’ve come up with and you review the same ones. You mark a 2 by a word and circle it if nobody else has your word. Each then adds up their points and writes it on top of the book. (If you chose to allow words beginning with alternate Letters they score 1 point.)

Two Round
Roll up a new letter, use the same form, turn over the timer and then write up your answers, and stop if ‘time’ is up.’

Who is the winner? Who is the winner?
Now is the time to add up the score for both rounds for every player. The highest score player WINS.

We have been connected
Scattgories Junior rules suggest you’ve got players tied to each other with a new letter if there’s a tie. Go the same way and the one with the highest round scoring wins.

Young, let’s play
If you want to play another game, simply clip a new reply sheet with a new category sheet in your tab. Make sure everyone has and starts with the same category pad.